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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Shadow Of Shame

Stephanie has 24 hours to earn her mother's forgiveness before her four years in jail begins. Tressie tries to resolve things with her family before her sentence.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Dealing With Demons

With her last freedom, Kayla must convince her mother to do what's best for her brother. Reggie works to reassure his wife that she'll be fine in his absence.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

A Family Divided

Candace must ensure her family's unity while she's in prison. James wants to forgive his mother for failing him and keep his relationship with his girlfriend going.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Fall From Grace

In her last day of freedom, Tina must convince her daughter to go to rehab. John is facing 10 years in prison and is concerned about what this means for...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Desperate Measures

Before her two years in prison begin, Elisha must find a way to save her family home. Ben is struggling with how his five-year sentence hurts his wife and baby.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Dangerous Games

Evan wants to reconcile with his sister and meet his niece for the first time before going to jail. Junipher must say goodbye to her baby before her sentence begins.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Born Behind Bars

Ali is trying to make amends with her unforgiving grandparents before she goes to jail. Cheyenne is pregnant and is scared of giving birth while she's in prison.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A Slap In The Face

Erika is desperate for her family's forgiveness after she implemented them and now they risk a jail sentence too. And, Lily wants to reconcile with her daughter.