About The Show

Lively sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton are both morbidly obese. As they continue their weight-loss journey, there are more ups and downs than ever!


Episode 1

The Sweet & Sour Life

Having survived yet another brush with death, Tammy recovers at rehab, but a new scare threatens her life. Plus, Amy's big surprise stuns everyone.

Episode 2

Can't Have Cake & Eat It Too

Tammy's good progress inspires Amy to visit, reuniting the siblings for the first time in months. Plus, Amanda begins a new chapter in her life.

Episode 3

I Don't Want To Taco Bout It

Tammy hits a tipping point at rehab but then more bad news from back home sends her into a downward spiral. Plus, Chris gets a reality check.

Episode 4

Icing On The Cake

After finding out Tammy's been robbed, Misty and Amanda visit to break the news in person. With her sisters by her side, Tammy faces the results of her weigh in.

Episode 5

Greatest Since Sliced Bread

After doing the unthinkable, Tammy tells Dr. Smith that she met her weight goal! The family worries when Amy's C-section takes much longer than expected.

Episode 6

A Lot Of Cooks In The Kitchen

Amy reels from giving birth and finding out Michael has COVID-19. Tammy worries she won't pass the final assessments she needs for surgery approval.

Episode 7

Proof Is In The Pudding

Tammy's weight loss surgery doesn't go as expected. Meanwhile, Amy meets with Dr. Procter and gets an ambitious weight loss goal.

Episode 8

Forbidden Fruit

A setback causes a major bust-up between Tammy and the family. A new man enters Tammy's life, and Amy feels the stress of motherhood.

Episode 9

Walkin' On Eggshells

Tammy reveals to her family that her wedding is only two weeks away. The family wonders if there's another reason Tammy is rushing down the aisle.

Episode 10

Apple Of My Eye

It's Tammy's wedding day! Amanda and Misty talk to Caleb about his true intentions. Amy struggles to get the venue decorated and keep her emotions in check.

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