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Adventurers Matt, Danny and Blake tackle extreme locations, documenting their own escapades. Dropped in the mountains of Utah, they attempt to trek 100 miles in four days.


Episode 2

River of No Return

Matt, Danny and Blake embark on a 75-mile journey through Idaho's pristine wilderness. But will they make it through the snowy mountains and powerful rapids?

Episode 3

No Way Out

The adventurous trio tackle the endless sands and slot canyons of Arizona, but harsh winds and frigid temperatures threaten hypothermia and abandonment of the trip.

Episode 4

Mountain Whiteout

Matt, Danny and Blake tackle Oregon's Steens Mountain. A winter storm ups the ante and pummels the friends with elements, testing their endurance and resolve.

Episode 5

Escape from La Venta

Matt, Danny and Blake rappel into a 500-foot sinkhole to venture into the beautiful and mysterious Mexican territory known as Cañón Rio La Venta.

Episode 6

No Mercy

The guys head to Belize for a four-day trek through the jungle. Their 75-mile adventure has them facing brutal terrain, heat and humidity, plus wildlife.

Episode 7

Edge of the World

The trio head to Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, a place referred to as 'the edge of the world', for a gruelling 70-mile trip.

Episode 8

Swallowed by the Jungle

The guys venture into Costa Rica for an arduous, four-day, 70-mile jungle adventure, consisting of abseiling down waterfalls and battling whitewater rapids.

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