About The Show

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are a husband-and-wife team from Florida. They help clients build the perfect house from the ground up in 100 days or less.


Episode 1

Hurricane Safe Haven

After a decade of hurricane seasons, a family is tired of having to evacuate from their small rental every year. Brian and Mika help them get to safer ground.

Episode 2

A Family Legacy

Brian and Mika help a family to turn their inheritance into a dream home. They want to trade their starter home on a traffic-heavy street for a safer, quieter spot.

Episode 3

Forever Farmhouse

A family with baby number seven on the way desperately need help building their perfect farmhouse. Brian and Mika aim for an early dream home delivery!

Episode 4

Together, but Not Scrambled

A couple need space for their two kids plus her mother and sister. Brian and Mika have double the work as they create two dream homes under one roof.

Episode 5

A New Chapter

A mother wants a home where she can launch her new culinary career. Mika builds a kitchen fit for a chef, but Brian faces major obstacles before they can get...

Episode 6

Where Dream Homes Come True

A couple need more space for their growing family. Brian and Mika create a whimsical home where the kids can spread their wings and imaginations.

Episode 7

Bye-Bye Bungalow

A couple's bungalow is too small for their family of five and too old to expand. Brian and Mika demolish the old house and build a charming, modern dream home.

Episode 8

Downsized Dream Home

Two teachers need Brian and Mika's help to stretch out in a modest dream home that celebrates outdoor living. It may be small, but it has plenty of challenges.

Episode 9

Family Referral

Impressed by their sibling's home, an expecting couple calls on Brian and Mika for their own build. They work to blend both bold and dark with light, airy styles.

Episode 10

Honeymoon Home

Brian and Mika help an engaged couple build a dream home - complete with guest house - where they can start their life together after their honeymoon.

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