Breaking the chains of your by-the-numbers daily routine is harder than it seems. So in order to help you get more from your average day, here are 10 easy activity ideas to try out on any normal day. You don’t have to travel for miles, break the bank or train for months. Just pick one and get going. Simple.


Charting your family’s history is an amazing task, not just for you and your family but for future generations. There are several genealogy websites to get you started, and the process is simpler than you think. You can explore archives of births, marriages and deaths, as well as military records, employment records and even criminal data. It’s a journey of self-discovery, as you explore the lives of your ancestors and uncover the journey of your heritage.


Card Game

There are loads of great card games to learn and play in varying forms of complexity, from snap to poker. Websites such as YouTube have online tutorials for all sorts of card games, and this website has rules for hundreds more. In your local area there will be card clubs where you can have lessons and play, and it’s a great place to meet people with the same interests.


Get up and have a look around your home. Is everything spot-on or on are the cracks beginning to show? The key with DIY is not to run before you can walk, and don’t be afraid. Pick a small, inexpensive project to do that will grow your confidence and then you can move on to converting the garage into a games room or building an elevator to the moon.


Do you listen to the same songs over and over, remaining well inside your musical comfort zone? Then it’s time to make your world bigger with an ultra-simple activity idea. Choose an album from an unfamiliar genre or an artist you’ve never heard of and try it out. From reggae, punk, blues and hip-hop to opera, indie, heavy metal, R&B or soul, the options are endless.


You may be a gourmet chef creating stunning dishes every night à la MasterChef. Or you may be a busy parent rustling up nuggets and chips for the hungry hordes. Whatever culinary camp you fall into, you can easily mix it up a bit. Take one week and make a different dish from around the world every night. Here’s a sample menu of international delight:



We all need an occasional boost to our physical and mental wellbeing and yoga may be just the ticket. Yoga lets you take some time out and improve your strength, flexibility, immunity, metabolism and circulatory health. It’s a low impact workout that leaves you invigorated, not exhausted and it can even help towards a better night’s sleep. 


Whether you’re a green-fingered god or just green behind the ears, gardening is a great activity idea to get you outside and down and dirty with nature! Here are some great gardening tips for beginners and, even if you don’t have a garden, you can still get involved with wonderful window boxes. This idea for an activity is a stress-reliever, keeps you active, dextrous and alert, and the end results can be stunning.


Camping in the garden is a great activity idea that you can do with friends or family. All you need are sleeping bags, snacks and some decent stories. You can also plan some cool activities such as stargazing, mini-treasure hunts and dinner on the BBQ. It’s a mini adventure only metres from your back door. So you won’t even have to trudge through a muddy field at 3am to find the loo!


Starting an online blog is quick, easy and free and you can talk about anything you like – family, politics, environmental or social causes, sports or lifestyle – indeed, whatever comes to mind. It’s your forum to be passionate and it’s one of the most liberating activity ideas you can try.


There are few more stunning sights that a cloudless night sky filled with stars and planets but exactly what are you looking at? Well, more than you think. Tim Peake is orbiting the Earth on board the International Space Station and you can chart upcoming sightings here. You’ll see the constellations which you can identify with a number of apps and websites as well as many of the planets in our Solar System. The fundamental question remains - are we alone?