Travel the world without leaving home, and witness incredible creatures, deadly predators, and unimaginable beasts. Immerse yourself in a world of drama, unleashed in five hours of the wildest programming.

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Legends Of The Wild

Wilderness guide Damian Duffy and photographer Matt Hoffman trek into some of the most dangerous areas to find answers to nature's most compelling mysteries.

How Do Animals Do That?

New science and demonstrations reveal fascinating facts about animals large and small.

Impossible Croc Rescue

A giant crocodile trapped in a motorcycle tire has captured the world's attention. Animal expert Forrest Galante takes on the challenge of saving its life.

Lair Of The Killer Crocs

The number of crocodiles in Australia has boomed - and they're getting bigger and more deadly. An investigation into murderous crocs and the life-saving attempts to relocate them.

In Search Of Monsters

Experts explore the latest evidence, eyewitness encounters and active investigations while unveiling their theories about infamous monsters and their origins.

The Lost Kingdom Of The Yeti

In the high-altitude wilderness of Bhutan, new evidence hints that the mysterious yeti may exist. Mark Evans travels into the Himalayas to discover the truth.

Monsters Of The Abyss

Richie Kohler and Evan Kovacs investigate the WWII sinking of U-Boat 85 near Scotland. Could it have been attacked by a mysterious sea-creature?

Urban Predator: Lion On The Loose

Is a carnivorous African lion stalking the streets of Milwaukee? Game tracker and big cat advocate Rory Young travels from Africa in pursuit of answers, and the big cat itself.

Serial Killer Tiger At Large

In Northern India, ten people are dead and three are eaten by a man-eating tigress. Using state-of-the-art tools and centuries-old techniques, hunters head out to find her.