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7th June



This Easter weekend, learn the truth behind Houdini’s tricks, join the hunt for Escobar’s Gold and discover new theories with unearthed evidence leading to the legends of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. With cutting edge technology and historical knowledge, spend your weekend unravelling the biggest mysteries to humankind alongside Discovery’s top investigators and experts.  


Jun 7


Expedition Bigfoot

An elite team of investigators use an advanced data algorithm to analyse five decades of Bigfoot sightings to pinpoint when and where to find the elusive beast.

Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence

Top scientists reveal how a revolutionary study and advanced DNA technology solved the mystery of the legendary Loch Ness monster.

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle

A team of tech-savvy boat captains, treasure hunters, salvage divers and Bermuda Triangle experts seek to unravel some of the most enduring mysteries in the world.

Jun 15


Lost Gold

Brothers, Josh and Jesse Feldman, seek out fabled lost treasures from all over America. Each hunt is steeped in history as they search for maps, diaries and records.

Jun 8


NASA’s Unexplained Files

Could there be life beyond our planet? Extraordinary NASA footage and ground-breaking interviews with astronauts and scientists investigate potential sightings of UFOs.

UFOs: The Lost Evidence

How did the Nazis produce technology that was far more advanced than anywhere else in a matter of years? Were they being helped by an extra-terrestrial source?

Lost Secrets

A series of astrological wheels commissioned by Heinrich Himmler takes Justin to Germany to investigate the Nazi party’s supernatural obsession.

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives

In 1959, nine Russian students went deep into the Ural Mountains. A few weeks later their mutilated, semi-naked bodies were found. What could have caused this?

JFK: The Lost Tapes

The story of JFK's assassination, told through the unique perspective of newly released government tapes from Air Force One, as well as recordings from the police and reporters.

Mysteries of the Abandoned (Special)

With unrestricted access to the Chernobyl site, Philip Grossman examines the causes and outcomes of the events there. Was it an accident or one of the biggest sabotages in history?

Mission Declassified

Investigative journalist Christof Putzel unlocks the secrets of cold cases by using declassified government files to find the truth behind the stories.