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The White House Season starts 22nd June at 9pm only on Discovery Channel.

Welcome to the corridors of power.

How was Watergate uncovered? Who are the men and women that the president of the United States relies on to make decisions? What training do you have to do to protect the most powerful man on Earth? And what happens when that protection isn’t enough?

The White House Season will answer all these questions. From All the President’s Men Revisited that uncovers the story behind Nixon’s downfall and how the film, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman dramatized this to Commander in Chief, which goes inside the Oval Office to show how and why momentous decisions – like that to invade Iraq and the process of diplomacy behind the Cuban Missile Crisis – were made.

Espionage, subterfuge and raw politics are the name of the game – get ready for revelations.


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