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A UFO flies above a house

Alien Abduction

All over the planet, strange events suggest that aliens are among us: In Colorado, a farmer discovers a cow mysteriously mutilated by unknown forces, and it’s a phenomenon that’s been reported by farmers around the globe; a Texas man is repeatedly abducted from his bed and, like thousands of people worldwide, claims he is the subject of extraterrestrial experiments; and, in Ohio, an astronomer’s powerful telescope intercepts a mysterious message from outer space that could be the most important broadcast in history.

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A zombie roams

Life After Death

Three eerie stories that suggest there is indeed life after death: An emotional visit to a Civil War battlefield and a series of bizarre circumstances lead a Connecticut man to believe he is the reincarnation of a dead general; hoping to communicate with spirits and uncover genuine proof of the afterlife, scientists in England conduct a series of groundbreaking séances and what they find defies logic; and, in Haiti, a man dies after a sudden and mysterious illness but returns from the grave 20 years later!

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A monster


Three bizarre stories about monsters: A West Virginia town is terrorized by the ‘mothman’, a seven-foot winged demon with glowing red eyes; in Newfoundland, a fisherman discovers the remains of an unidentified sea creature on a local beach sparking theories of the monsters that lurk in the oceans’ unexplored depths; and, there’s panic in the streets of New Delhi when thousands report being attacked by the ‘monkey man’, a sinister hairy creature with metallic claws!

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End of the World

Three incredible stories that could spell the end of human life on Earth: Decoding ancient Mayan texts, a physicist predicts a huge cataclysm will destroy the world in 2012 and believes the culprit is a deadly super-volcano lurking beneath Yellowstone National Park; a NASA scientist makes an incredible alien discovery and believes a solar storm could destroy the planet; and, one of the world’s greatest minds makes a startling prediction about a sinister robot takeover — man and machine will merge by 2050.

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A crystal skull

Parallel Worlds

Three incredible stories about the parallel dimensions that may exist alongside our own: While hiking in a New York state park, a woman has a terrifying encounter with a mysterious human-shaped shadow she believes is an entity from another world; in a New Jersey suburb, a weird machine transports a six-year-old boy and his father hundreds of miles in a split second; and, discovered in Belize and Mexico, perfectly-carved ancient crystal skulls are thought to be cosmic gateways to another realm.

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Two boats on a lake

Freaks of Nature

Three mysterious freaks of nature: On the East Coast of Canada, a small community is devastated by an earth-shattering ‘boom’ that leaves scientists scratching their heads; swallowing ships and planes and terrorizing sailors and pilots, a paranormal fog haunts Lake Michigan and seems to alter the very fabric of time; and, a blinding double flash of light over the Indian Ocean sends a nation into panic and forces the US government to ask some serious questions.

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A haunted house


Real-life ghost stories that make the paranormal come alive: Featuring strange lights, apparitions and a penchant for murder, a California woman is terrorized by an invisible attacker who turns her home into a living hell; seemingly possessed, a New England mother undergoes a violent and demonic transformation before turning to an ancient Catholic ritual for help; and, a British teenager is terrified when she is visited by her first ghost and later struggles to understand her ‘gift’.

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A skydiver

Medical Mysteries

Three incredible stories where the human body reaches beyond the limits of modern medicine: When her parachute fails on her first-ever solo skydive, an Arkansas adrenaline junkie plummets to the earth but somehow she and her unborn baby survive; in upstate New York, a retired firefighter is incinerated as he lies in bed and with no plausible explanation, investigators are left with a terrifying question; seemingly able to harness electrical power, a supercharged British schoolgirl causes havoc when she drains batteries, fries appliances and causes streetlamps to flicker!

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Power Of The Mind

Three incredible stories about the untapped power of the human brain: While hearing about a murder on the radio, a Los Angeles housewife has a strange and sudden vision that eventually helps crack the case; suggesting that total recall is possible, a California man remembers every single moment from every single day of his life; and, several years after a debilitating freak accident leaves her in chronic pain, a woman visits a controversial Ohio faith healer who miraculously cures her symptoms.

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Ancient Egyptians on a wall

Amazing Artifacts

Three ancient artifacts that could turn the history of the world upside down: In a Mexican cave, a young girl finds a bizarrely-shaped thousand-year-old skull that may prove aliens once walked the planet; featuring detailed images of dinosaurs, a Peruvian doctor discovers ancient stone carvings that could rewrite the story of evolution; and, excavated from one of Cairo’s oldest pyramids, a 2000-year-old wooden model may be proof that ancient Egyptians invented modern flight.

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