Brand new series begins Friday 16th September at 9pm

Brian Schwartz explains how the window washer survived after falling off a multi story building

Episode 1

Following a catastrophic malfunction in New York City, a highrise window washer’s platform plummets nearly 50 stories and miraculously, he survives. In Death Valley, rocks and boulders appear to be moving around on their own. Can this strange and seemingly impossible phenomenon be explained? And, seven dismembered human feet wearing trainers wash up on the beaches of Vancouver. Can science determine the sinister force behind this macabre mystery?

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A ufo circles the earth in outer space

Episode 2

Residents of a Texas town report strange lights in the night sky and claim to have seen US Air Force planes in hot pursuit of UFOs. Did they witness an alien visitation? From the depths of the ocean, scientists record one of the loudest sounds in the natural world. Can they determine its mysterious source? And, a fishing trawler vanishes in perfectly calm waters off the Northern California coast only to be found mysteriously undamaged on the ocean floor. What happened?

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A sealion laughing on a jetty in Oregon.

Episode 3

Before a major San Francisco earthquake, thousands of sea lions disappear from the harbour. Did they sense the impending disaster? A century after its discovery, experts remain baffled by a mysterious medieval manuscript written in a secret code. What secrets does it contain? And, while testing ancient mummies, forensic scientists find evidence of cocaine — a Peruvian product not found in Egypt until thousands of years later. Was there trans-Atlantic travel long before Columbus?

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Jim and his Uncle stand beside hte car Jim lifted to rescue his uncle

Episode 4

A surfer in Monterey Bay, California, is attacked by a Great White shark but is miraculously saved by dolphins. Did they intentionally risk their lives to save him? Across America, domestic pets are accurately identifying people about to die. Can they smell death? And, in Missouri, a skinny teen lifts a car to free the man trapped underneath. Just how is that possible?

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Ranger Bob stands in the Death Valley National Park

Episode 5

In Death Valley, rocks and boulders appear to be cruising around on their own. Can this strange and seemingly impossible phenomenon be explained? North Carolina’s Brown Mountain is home to a strange and unexplained light show. But with so many competing theories, can science reveal the source of the mysterious dancing lights? And, tribe members in the remote mountains of Northern Mexico are known to run 18 times further than a marathon in one session – barefoot! Can science reveal the secret to this super human ability?

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Michio Kaku in Grand Central Station

Episode 6

A mysterious woman suddenly materializes in a California bathroom. Is she a traveller from another time? And could a gargantuan experiment in Switzerland actually make time travel possible? An ancient American stone structure suggests the incredible. Did pagan worshippers practice human sacrifice in New Hampshire? And, amazingly, plants seem to possess strange powers allowing them to detect human thought. Is that weird – or what?

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Forks of lightning flashing across the sky

Episode 7

Beating incredible odds, a man is struck by lightning six times and survives! Is he a human lightning rod? After wandering into the eye of a winter storm, a toddler is literally frozen solid and is then thawed again without injury. How is that possible? Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, the discovery of mysterious anchor-like stones threatens the foundations of American history. Did Chinese explorers reach American shores thousands of years before Columbus?

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The dental receptionist

Episode 8

A dental receptionist is shot in the chest at point blank range and amazingly, she survives. Did her breast implants save her life? In a bizarre twist of fate, a young man saves the life of a woman only to discover she saved his life seven years earlier. Is it a random coincidence, or are mysterious universal forces at work? And, around the globe, most of the world’s 1.3 billion cows are literally facing the same direction. Are they aligning themselves with the Earth’s magnetic fields?

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A DNA helix

Episode 9

After receiving a heart transplant, a patient undergoes an uncanny transformation and assumes the personality of his donor. Do human organs store memory and our very ‘essence’? Across the planet, perfect circles of ice are appearing in lakes and rivers, some so big they’re even visible from space. Can the amazing phenomenon be explained? And, a Philadelphia mum undergoes a routine DNA test that reveals she’s somehow genetically unrelated to her four children. How is that possible?

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A skull of an ancient human

Episode 10

The US Army investigates the paranormal to see if future conflicts could be fought using mind control. Do these invisible powers truly exist? A boy loses his thumb in a horrific accident only to have it grow back thanks to a mysterious magical powder. Do humans really have the power to regenerate our limbs? And, on a remote Indonesian island inhabited by Komodo dragons, archaeologists make an incredible discovery that could rewrite the history of human evolution. Did humans once share the Earth with a race of ‘hobbits’?

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