Sharks are facing dwindling numbers worldwide. Read up on this list of vanishing shark species most at risk.

1. Ganges Shark
Glyphis gangeticus Remaining individuals from this stocky freshwater species are believed to be confined to turbid waters of the Ganges-Hooghly river system.

2. Pondicherry Shark
Carcharhinus hemiodon This black-tipped gray and white shark from the Indo-West Pacific Ocean has not been reported since 1979, and is only known from 20 older museum specimens.

3. Bizant River Shark
Glyphis sp. nov. A
A scientifically undescribed species, Australia’s Bizant River shark appears to be succumbing to habitat degradation and fishing pressures, since the population likely consists of less than 250 mature individuals.

4. New Guinea River Shark
Glyphis sp. nov. C
Only nine individuals of this slender, flat-headed, scientifically undescribed species have ever been collected. It is now believed that fewer than 250 mature New Guinea River sharks exist.

5. Angel Shark
Squatina squatina
Once a common predator throughout its Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea domains, the angel shark has now been declared extinct in many regions, primarily due to fishery bycatch problems.

6. Striped Dogfish
Mustelus fasciatus
Close to extinction in Brazilian waters, the striped dogfish is also in decline over the rest of its range in the Southwest Atlantic.

7. Daggernose Shark
Isogomphodon oxyrhynchus
The low birth rate for this species has made it vulnerable to fishing pressures in its limited northern South America coastal water range.

8. Dumb Gulper Shark
Centrophorus harrissoni
Fishery trawl surveys in recent decades have shown that this species has experienced a population decline of over 99 percent.

9. Whitefin Topeshark
Hemitriakis leucoperiptera
The Philippine coastal range of the whitefin topeshark is now heavily fished and environmentally degraded.

10. Borneo Shark
Carcharhinus borneensis
Very little is known about this small coastal shark, which may be even more endangered than current reports suggest.