FACT 1: Japanese venture-capitalist firm, Cyberdyne Systems, have developed a robotic exoskeleton dubbed Robot Suit Hal (Hybrid Assistive Limb). It works by detecting faint bio signals through our skin, sent by the brain when we intend to move. Hal is currently able to help users lift more than five times their natural lifting capacity.

FACT 2: The TIE Fighters (Twin Ion Engines) from Star Wars are not as outlandish as you think. The US has been developing Ion Thrusters since the early 1950s and in 1998 NASA launched the unmanned spacecraft, Deep Space 1, utilising Ion Thrusters as the primary force of propulsion.

FACT 3: In 1970 a patent was filed on behalf of British Rail for a Charles Osmond Frederick designed vehicle. Known as the British Rail Flying Saucer, it was intended for interplanetary travel via a system of laser-ignited nuclear fission.

FACT 4: Beaming on-board the USS Enterprise may still be out of reach but thanks to the Joint Quantum Institute we are at least one electron closer. They found that by manipulating photons in a vacuum state, they can literally teleport information as far as three feet.

FACT 5: Asimo is a revolutionary robot created by Honda. Not only does it mimic the natural gait of a human walk cycle it can also: climb stairs, run, recognise faces and dynamically learn to identify and stratify objects, prompting the question... does it dream of electric sheep?