FACT 1: Yawning really is contagious. If you’ve ever wondered why watching someone else yawn action us to yawn in return, look no further! Recent investigations has revealed that our yawn mimicking possibly relates to subconscious ‘herding behaviour’, similar to the mechanism that cause flocks of birds to take flight simultaneously. And it's not just humans who suffer from contagious yawning – apes are at it too! Chimpanzees are thought to be the only other creatures, apart from humans, who do so.

FACT 2: Sugar intake does not have a behavioural effect on children. Many parents have often complained about the link between fizzy drinks, sweets and hyperactivity, contending that sugar dramatically alters their activity levels. Surprisingly, physicians have been quick to negate any such claims and it would seem that their scientific findings speak for themselves! When scientists looked at controlled studies of sugar intake in children consuming large amounts of sugar, they found no evidence of hypoglycaemia or other blood sugar abnormalities. Still don’t believe us now?

FACT 3: Cats don’t always land on their feet. It is said that if a cat fell out of a 20-story building it would have a better chance of surviving than if it fell from a 7-story building, because it takes the feline critter at least 7 stories to co-ordinate itself to land on its feet.