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on the 29 Mar, 2011

In tonight’s episode of I Almost Got Away With It, on Discovery Channel at 9pm convicted murderer and escaped convict Marshall Brown talks about his life on the run.

When he was 19, Marshall Brown shot and killed Horace Morrison, who was due to testify against a prominent Taylorsville drug dealer. The fee for this contract murder was a paltry $50.

He decided to lay low for a while, but someone snitched on him and he was picked up. And on the 17th of November 1977 was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to life.

However, Marshall was determined to escape, no matter how long it took. Weightlifting, martial arts and wilderness survival techniques became his passion as he transformed himself into a model prisoner.

Then 19 years into his sentence he saw his chance. While working as part of a prisoner release programme unsupervised he escaped and vanished into the woods.

Using disguises, fake IDs and his skills as a hardened drug runner, Brown managed to move secretly around the East coast for years pursued by Lt. Rocky Nance of the North Carolina Fugitive recovery team.

Brown made up his mind, while he was at large, that he would not be captured alive. He moved back into the drugs world, carrying a sub-machine gun and a cube of pure heroin in case he was cornered with no chance of escape.

How did this extremely wily fugitive finally come a cropper? Find out tonight in I Almost Got Away With It, on Discovery Channel at 9pm.

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