A town of just 200 residents, with a lone track in and out, Tanana, Alaska is about as far off the map as one can possibly get. A different kind of reality show, Yukon Men follows the day-to-day trials and tribulations of those who live there.

Just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle lies a town on the edge of civilization: Tanana, Alaska. This frozen village of 200 people is part of an unknown America where men hunt and trap to survive, subsisting like modern day cavemen.

This year, the odds are stacked against them. It's one of the coldest winters ever recorded, with temperatures dropping to 60 below. Hypothermia and starvation are a constant menace, and at these extreme temperatures, animals stay deep in their burrows or take shelter in the far hills.

It's an epic struggle to find the meat and fur vital to the town's survival. As prey gets scarce, predators get desperate for food, and can set their sights on the hunters themselves, or worse, unsuspecting villagers. Each changing season brings new struggles, new threats and new dangers. Stan Zuray escaped his troubled past in Boston to settle in the Yukon 40 years ago, learning to survive by trial and error. His son, Joey, is Tanana born and bred, already skilled enough to question his father's methods.

Charlie Wright grew up in an even smaller village before moving to Tanana 20 years ago. He's the man who villagers come to with any problem, and he always finds a way to solve them. His son, Bob, is 19, and still trying to prove to his dad that he's ready to be a man. This small band of men risks their lives to put food on the table, and keep their way of life alive.