Toucan Nation


Grecia the toucan (DCL)

Toucan Nation is the story of Grecia, a Costa Rican bird whose unconscionable abuse sparked international outrage and inspired a national animal welfare campaign.

Seeking to right a wrong, and improve the life of this helpless bird after half of his beak was torn from his face, animal rescuers and veterinarians enlisted a team of volunteer experts tasked with replacing Grecia’s beak as Costa Ricans ralled to implement penalties for animal cruelty.

This film chronicles each step of the journey as the Zooave animal refuge centre works to improve Grecia’s life. The film includes Charles W. Hull, of 3D Systems, who collaborates with a group of product designers, dentists and engineers on the best design and construction for Grecia’s brand new prosthetic beak.

Motivated by the notion that every life - whether animal or human - is inherently valuable and must be protected, school children and animal rights activists waged a battle to highlight animal cruelty in their country and transform the penal code. Toucan Nation also showcases both the children and the activists as they create a petition for Costa Rica’s president, Luis Guillermo Solís, to bring the Animal Welfare Bill in front of Congress.