Natural Born Outlaws

Natural Born Outlaws (DCL)


Brand new to Discovery, this series explores the true stories of iconic desperados and the epic manhunts that eventually bring them down. Their violent crime sprees are the stuff of legend, but there are two sides to every story - and the heroic tales of the people who brought these criminals to justice have, until now, remained untold.

Each episode uses expert testimony and cutting edge graphic novel animations to tell the tales of the world’s greatest outlaws, and the criminal pursuit that led to their eventual capture. The series kicks off with the story of career criminal Bruce Reynolds, and the Great Train Robbery. Over a three-month period in 1963, Reynolds secretly organised a gang of fifteen men to bring down a Royal Mail train carrying over two million pounds in cash. 

Among London's underworld, this was called the 'holy grail' of robberies - but no one had ever attempted it because it was too hard and dangerous. No one until Reynolds, that is. Quickly dubbed the Great Train Robbery by the press, at the time it was Britain's largest ever robbery. While most of Reynolds’ gang was caught by the renowned Tommy Butler of Scotland Yard, Reynolds spent five years on the run before Butler finally nabbed him.

Other episodes include  The Kray Twins (pictured), Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, and George Francis Barnes Jr, AKA ‘Machine Gun Kelly’.