MythBusters: The Search

Mythbusters: The Search (DNI)


Mythbusters: The Search is an all-new series featuring the next generation of fearless contenders with killer build skills, science smarts and nerves of steel, ready to be judged each week as they bust myths and vie for the win in becoming the next myth-busting superstars.

Mythbusters: The Search marks the start of a new myth-busting era as host Kyle Hill introduces the contestants and the myths they attempt to bust each week.

Using never-before-seen spectacular stunts, some myth-busting challenges will focus on build skills, while others require science know-how; some will test ingenuity, while others will test resolve, all with the goal of busting new myths.

In other words, it's the continuing busting of myths, celebration of curiosity, questioning, and experimentation that was the hallmark of the original series -- plus, of course, explosions.