Meet the Superbrains

Meet the Superbrains (DNI)


Meet The Superbrains follows a group of inventors who are determined to make a difference, with breakthroughs in engineering, technology and science.

With unprecedented access to the design, build and testing of each project, this four-part series follows the journeys from the workshop into the soaking rainforests of the Amazon, the unrelenting heat of the Australian outback and the freezing wilderness of Iceland.

In one episode, a team of Cambridge’s brightest engineering undergraduates take on the challenge of building a solar powered car they believe is capable of travelling hundreds of miles on the same energy it takes to boil a kettle.

Determination and resilience in the face of adversity is required by these teams of innovators who are hell-bent on building a better future for us all.

From saving the Brazilian rain forest, cleaning the world’s polluted drinking water, revolutionizing global transport, to testing whether we can survive on Mars, Meet The Superbrains celebrates the human spirit and the dedication required to make a change.