Fat N' Furious


Fat N' Furious (DCL)

It's the start of a new racing season in the rustbelt of Ohio and, once again, Tommy Christmas and his boys at Christmas Auto are back restoring old, beaten-up muscle cars and getting them back on the drag strip.

Tommy and his larger than life crew - Chuck, Steve, and Andy - know all the tricks to make any car go furiously faster. No order is too large to fill for Tommy and his three best friends. They can restore any classic muscle car to make it race-ready, and are paid handsomely for their expertise.

This season, the builds go beyond speed. Every car has a story to tell. Some are classic, some are strange, and some are inspiring. From sentimental to whacky, classic to hot-rod, Tommy and the Christmas Auto boys continue to dazzle with jaw-dropping transformations that bring their clients' hopes and visions to life.

Fixing up old cars is always challenging but, when fast equals cash, every second counts. And with some hefty pay cheques on the line, Tommy and his guys will have to go bigger than ever.