Gold Rush (DCL)


Our ambitious miners begin another quest for gold, in a brand new season of Discovery's hit series Gold Rush.

Tony, Parker and Todd are back with a vengeance, and risking it all with the most claims ever mined in one season. This series sees Tony and Parker continue to battle one another for gold, while Todd has moved his crew to the mountains of Oregon. The teams have huge, brand new machines which help them achieve the largest goals ever seen on the show.

This season, however, is all about Parker as he reels from the loss of his mentor and grandfather Grandpa John. Will he be able to overcome his grief to carry on the family gold mining legacy? Will buying North America’s largest wash plant and new ground bring the gold? Will he be able to bring his crew together, as he’s failed to do in the past? Golden boy Parker has a lot to overcome if he wants to keep his crown as king of the Klondike.

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