Be On TV

Have you had cosmetic surgery, or any beauty salon or hairdressers visit which has gone wrong? Did the fillers distort your face? Are you unhappy with your implants or nose job? Was the Botox a disaster or are you simply left with a hairstyle from hell? Do you wish you could turn the clock back and get rid of your tattoo?

Maverick TV (the makers of Embarrassing Bodies (Channel 4), How To Look Good Naked (Channel 4), and My Naked Secret (Discovery) are looking for people who have had a catastrophic experience with all types of beauty treatments for a new programme. Everything from major plastic surgery and non surgical cosmetic treatments to hair removal, allergic reactions to hair dye or a bad haircut or colour to disastrous self inflicted home treatments.

If you have a major event in your life coming up and need a quick fix of your hair or face, OR if all your hopes of a more body confident future have been crushed by a botched up job, then we want to hear from you. We are working with some of the country’s leading specialists to help you fix the disaster.

Get in touch! Email or call 0121 224 8346 for a confidential and no obligation informal chat.